One More Mile Artwork

‘One More Mile’ is the first of three albums planned for release this year.

‘One More Mile’ is Dave’s first album for 5 years and features collaborations with some great musicians and songwriters.

The first four tracks: Terry Popple (ex Van Morrison) Drums; Dylan ApIvor Bass; Tom Arnold Hammond Organ; the American horn section from the Travis Haddix Band, with the late Norman Tischler (USA)

Saxophone and Jeff Hager “Hager the Herald” (USA) Trumpet.

The next three tracks were recorded and mixed in Ireland by Declan Sinnott who plays all the instruments and the songs were written by Dave’s great friend Tony Henderson (and also by Declan on “There’s A Train”).

The last three tracks were recorded in Bristol with Ken Pustelnik’s Groundhogs and Dave completed by recording vocals and mastering in Norfolk.

This album is an eclectic mix of styles with original material and covers and it is Dave’s distinctive vocals that deliver the driving force that brings the whole thing together into a celebration of Dave’s musical journey!

‘One More Mile’ is available to buy through this site on the shop: